Tubetastic Pimps

Over the last few weeks, the lovely people over at Pimp My Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants have been working on ways to have fun and make everyone love them.

Today I wanted to show you about Tubetastic Pimps.

The lovely Kelly on our Pimping Facebook page came up with the fantastic idea of using shoe charms and adapting them to fit on Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implants.

I got these awesome Hello Kitty ones from Kelly

I have since brought a few and adapted myself which have gone down a treat with my daughter!

Now I thought I would show you what I did yesterday!

We are going to the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour – The Making Of Harry Potter today and my daughter wants to dress up as Hermione.  So we needed to pimp up her hearing aids for the day.

So I purchased some Shoe Charms which arrived yesterday !

But guess what my daughter choose for her hearing aids!

Sorry Harry, Ron, Draco and the sorting hat! She chose Hermione and the HP Logo.  I also purchased some nail art from Ebay with the Hogwarts coat of arms on, which I have also put on her hearing aids (and her nails of course).

I will be soon listing a few Tubetastic Pimps, specifically Christmas ones, for sale soon.


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