Nail Foils Tutorial…

Lots of people on the Facebook group have been talking about how fiddly it is to stick nail foils on their hearing aids and cochlear implants, so I thought I could do another step by step tutorial for those people who are just getting started!

1) Take of the mold and take out the battery.

2) choose your nail foils! You can buy hundreds of different designs from shops and online from Amazon and Ebay.

3) Choose a nail sticker about the right size and stick it down, don’t worry if it’s too wide as you can cut it to the right shape.

4) Carefully cut the sticker to size so that it doesn’t cover volume controls and most importantly microphones!! Sometimes you can do this before you put the sticker on and sometimes afterwards by carefully trimming the edges.

5) Use the same process to cover the rest of the aid! Make sure you can still open the battery door and nothing is covered over!  You can cover just one side of the aid or all of it! As long as you’re careful!

6) If you have a radio aid shoe you can also decorate that!

You’ve now successfully pimped your hearing aid or cochlear implant!!

Other things you could consider “doing up” would be your radio aid, box for your hearing aid, i-com or oticon streamer… Some people have also started colouring their tubes using a sharpie!


8 thoughts on “Nail Foils Tutorial…

  1. brilliant! I got my first hearing aid today and was very disappointed that the funky coloured ones are only for kids, though I might be able to get a red one. How do you change the designs? Do you need to remove the foils to change them or just add on top?

    1. Every time you want to change then you can peel off the stickers, wipe the aid very carefully and get back to pimping! good luck 🙂

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