Tutorial – Sticker Paper Pimping

Next Tutorial is all about Creating your own designs for Pimping Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants.

Before starting your pimping make sure your hearing aids or cochlear implants are clean and free of dirt, if possible give them a wipe over with a baby wipe or something similar and dry with a tissue.

1. To create your own designs all you need is a computer with word or similar programme installed.  Sticker Printer Paper, which you can buy from Amazon and Ebay for example and a Printer.  I personally use the clear sticker paper as the outline will not show when placing it on your hearing aid or cochlear implant.

These are just examples of what you will need to create the stickers.

2. You can use lots of different designs of your choice!

3. When creating your design you will need to re-size the image to fit on your hearing aid or cochlear implant.  Do a test print on normal paper so you can make sure they fit!

Remember when you are doing your designs, if you have 2 hearing aids or cochlear implants you will need to flip the design horizontally so that you will get a mirror image so they will look the same on each side.


4. When printing your sheet, follow the instructions that come with the paper, and print in photo quality to give your designs a better appearance.  Print out your design and leave to dry for a few minutes.

5.  Cut round your designs as close to them as you can so that not much outline is visible.


6. Remove the backing from the designs and stick to your hearing aids or cochlear implants.

These are just an example of what you can create! These were done for my daughter for when we went and saw the Torch Relay for the Olympics!

The limits of being able to create your own designs are limited by your imagination!


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