Feature on Audiology Issues

With thanks to Paul at Audiology Issues for doing a feature on Facebook – for more information please see https://www.facebook.com/pages/Audiology-Issues-wwwaudiologyissuescom/100730610004811?fref=ts


From a creative parent helping her daughter decorate her plain hearing aids to a growing creative social group, website, providing training and introduction events to the Etsy shop selling an ever growing range of Tubetastic Pimps, Sarah from Bedfordshire, England and her friends are helping inspire many people of all ages to be creative, confident and ‘pimp’ their hearing aids and Cochlear Implants! When asked how she feels about how it’s grown so much in the past year “I am amazed at how the “pimping” page has grown from a handful of young teens and parents just over 1 year ago to having nearly 1,200 members from all over the world. The huge response for the Tubetastic Pimps still amazes me everyday, I love searching for new ideas and the response from parents who have had children who have refused to wear their [hearing] aids to wearing them all the time is absolutely fantastic.” 

Audiology Issues wishes Sarah all the best and for more information:
and ask to join the closed group:


2 thoughts on “Feature on Audiology Issues

  1. Hi there

    My name is Tania and I am from Australia.
    I lost my hearing about 8 months ago and have been long awaiting cochlear implants which I should hopefully be fitted within the next few weeks.
    I am also a transplant patient and have severe medical issues , I’m a mother of two little girls therefore I’ve been trying to make this whole thing seem FUN :-/
    I have noticed in the state I live there are so many kids adults who have horrible plain cochlear implants .

    Now I’m hoping you will help me to potentially keep me busy by doing what your kind of doing but perhaps more of a sales thing I lost my job due to hearing loss and have been very bored so this will help hugely .
    I am wanting to purchase a massive order of a mixture of cochlear covers and pouches etc probably in the kids the popular ones maybe a few of etc.

    Could you please help

    Then I can place monthly orders etc

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