Pimp My Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants started as a result of a few friends chatting on the National Deaf Children Society Facebook page and starting to decorate their Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants.

As a result we created a Facebook page so that we could discuss, help others and show off our work.  As a result the group has gone from strength to strength and we now have nearly 500  members and not just from the UK!

By Creating a blog I want to show more people that Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants can be unique and show off the uniqueness of the wearer.

We will be posting different designs that people have created, for not just kids but for adults too!  We also want to create some tutorials of how you can do the various different ways of pimping up your hearing aids and cochlear implants.

I will also be adding links to other blogs that I think others would be interested in, including Deaf related blogs.

Please find the Facebook group here http://www.facebook.com/groups/pimpmyhearingaidsandcochlearimplants/ when joining the facebook group, you will need to request to join, this is to give parents/carers as well as our teenage members some privacy.


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