Audiology Issues

Audiology Issues Website in Development and Facebook Page.
About: Was conceived in 2010 during some controversial issues regarding hearing instrument evaluations, lack of transparency and not in the best interests of the patient particularly focusing on children and external devices connected to them.
A domain was created and the idea:
What if all these issues could be gathered together into a database on subjects, think of the advantages we could have collectively to try and make a difference in the morally right direction of placing the child’s hearing first.
It would be a site for professionals, password protected and be free. No adverts or income. Just information sharing confidentially around the professional audiologists, Educational Audiologist, Teachers of the deaf etc.
It could then expand to cover any good practice with supporters sharing their views and adding content.
It would not be owned or sponsored by any manufacturer and be completely independent and over time the supporters would add there own ideas and grow. It is this idea which has been growing since.
Being privately funded though comes at a cost as it costs money to design the framework and web design which currently has delayed the launch. In the meantime a Facebook web page was created for everyone to share and be updated regularly with any news, articles, research in the field of audiology etc.
The Facebook page is distinctively different than the website as it cannot discuss confidential information for legal reasons so most issues big or small will be on the website. Only things in the public domain can be shared on a social networking site.
Currently the members supporting the Audiology Issues page are a mixture from all areas of audiology including student teachers of the deaf, audiologist, parents and users. Interestingly some ‘issues’ reported can come from parents which can be shared and has been a useful resource to many to help improve the listening of deaf children.
So why do this?
Issues found may not reach some professionals and areas of the UK or abroad, and individually may cause a small reaction to a big issue reported. (how do YOU know what is a small issue to a commonly found one?)
Sometimes new products and issues need to be shared quickly to help others irrespective of what part of the UK, Republic of Ireland or even the world they live in.
More often it is found you are not the only person having the same or similar issue.
By gathering all the information provided can we move forward together and Sharing what YOU know can help others make more informed decisions.
In this time of financial cut backs, cost cutting and value for money it has never been more important to be more aware of what you are buying, using and working with.
If there are issues and a large amount of feedback provided constructive action should be taken to improve the situation.
Changes to a current problem cannot be made if issues go unreported.
Please ‘Like’ the Audiology Issues Page, follow the news and information posted and shared.
When the website becomes live professionals will have to verify who they are, agree to standard terms and conditions such as being critical with feedback in a constructive way and once completed can then access the database and other features in development and add there own reports and comments.
For parents it is hoped they can provide information via Facebook or can email


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