Feature on Audiology Issues

With thanks to Paul at Audiology Issues for doing a feature on Facebook – for more information please see https://www.facebook.com/pages/Audiology-Issues-wwwaudiologyissuescom/100730610004811?fref=ts


From a creative parent helping her daughter decorate her plain hearing aids to a growing creative social group, website, providing training and introduction events to the Etsy shop selling an ever growing range of Tubetastic Pimps, Sarah from Bedfordshire, England and her friends are helping inspire many people of all ages to be creative, confident and ‘pimp’ their hearing aids and Cochlear Implants! When asked how she feels about how it’s grown so much in the past year “I am amazed at how the “pimping” page has grown from a handful of young teens and parents just over 1 year ago to having nearly 1,200 members from all over the world. The huge response for the Tubetastic Pimps still amazes me everyday, I love searching for new ideas and the response from parents who have had children who have refused to wear their [hearing] aids to wearing them all the time is absolutely fantastic.” 

Audiology Issues wishes Sarah all the best and for more information:
and ask to join the closed group:


Tutorial – Sticker Paper Pimping

Next Tutorial is all about Creating your own designs for Pimping Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants.

Before starting your pimping make sure your hearing aids or cochlear implants are clean and free of dirt, if possible give them a wipe over with a baby wipe or something similar and dry with a tissue.

1. To create your own designs all you need is a computer with word or similar programme installed.  Sticker Printer Paper, which you can buy from Amazon and Ebay for example and a Printer.  I personally use the clear sticker paper as the outline will not show when placing it on your hearing aid or cochlear implant.

These are just examples of what you will need to create the stickers.

2. You can use lots of different designs of your choice!

3. When creating your design you will need to re-size the image to fit on your hearing aid or cochlear implant.  Do a test print on normal paper so you can make sure they fit!

Remember when you are doing your designs, if you have 2 hearing aids or cochlear implants you will need to flip the design horizontally so that you will get a mirror image so they will look the same on each side.


4. When printing your sheet, follow the instructions that come with the paper, and print in photo quality to give your designs a better appearance.  Print out your design and leave to dry for a few minutes.

5.  Cut round your designs as close to them as you can so that not much outline is visible.


6. Remove the backing from the designs and stick to your hearing aids or cochlear implants.

These are just an example of what you can create! These were done for my daughter for when we went and saw the Torch Relay for the Olympics!

The limits of being able to create your own designs are limited by your imagination!

Tubetastic Pimps The Etsy Shop!

Over the last few months Tubetastic Pimps (our new name for the charms) have gone from strength to strength so much so that I have had to start a Etsy shop to help those that may not be able to access the Facebook Group.

Well here it is! http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TubetasticPimp – I am adding lots more over the next few days/weeks and some are limited availability.

You can also purchase a set of 24 pairs of Tubetastic Pimps which you can re-sell or just use as a display box!


Christmas Pimping!

So now it’s the season to be jolly and all we thought we’d show off a few of the awesome designs we’ve seen so far with lots of ideas about how to decorate your hearing aids and implants for the Christmas season!

Hope you enjoy seeing all the funky and crazy designs that people have come up with!

Our facebook now has 400 and more members so if you’re interested in finding out more and chatting to fellow pimpers please check out: http://www.facebook.com/groups/pimpmyhearingaidsandcochlearimplants/

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Nail Foils Tutorial…

Lots of people on the Facebook group have been talking about how fiddly it is to stick nail foils on their hearing aids and cochlear implants, so I thought I could do another step by step tutorial for those people who are just getting started!

1) Take of the mold and take out the battery.

2) choose your nail foils! You can buy hundreds of different designs from shops and online from Amazon and Ebay.

3) Choose a nail sticker about the right size and stick it down, don’t worry if it’s too wide as you can cut it to the right shape.

4) Carefully cut the sticker to size so that it doesn’t cover volume controls and most importantly microphones!! Sometimes you can do this before you put the sticker on and sometimes afterwards by carefully trimming the edges.

5) Use the same process to cover the rest of the aid! Make sure you can still open the battery door and nothing is covered over!  You can cover just one side of the aid or all of it! As long as you’re careful!

6) If you have a radio aid shoe you can also decorate that!

You’ve now successfully pimped your hearing aid or cochlear implant!!

Other things you could consider “doing up” would be your radio aid, box for your hearing aid, i-com or oticon streamer… Some people have also started colouring their tubes using a sharpie!

Tubetastic Pimps

Over the last few weeks, the lovely people over at Pimp My Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants have been working on ways to have fun and make everyone love them.

Today I wanted to show you about Tubetastic Pimps.

The lovely Kelly on our Pimping Facebook page came up with the fantastic idea of using shoe charms and adapting them to fit on Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implants.

I got these awesome Hello Kitty ones from Kelly

I have since brought a few and adapted myself which have gone down a treat with my daughter!

Now I thought I would show you what I did yesterday!

We are going to the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour – The Making Of Harry Potter today and my daughter wants to dress up as Hermione.  So we needed to pimp up her hearing aids for the day.

So I purchased some Shoe Charms which arrived yesterday !

But guess what my daughter choose for her hearing aids!

Sorry Harry, Ron, Draco and the sorting hat! She chose Hermione and the HP Logo.  I also purchased some nail art from Ebay with the Hogwarts coat of arms on, which I have also put on her hearing aids (and her nails of course).

I will be soon listing a few Tubetastic Pimps, specifically Christmas ones, for sale soon.

Video By Ni !

When I first started the Facebook Page for Pimp My Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants it was because of Ni that it has developed!

Ni originally started the pimping on the National Deaf Children’s Society Facebook Page which you can find here http://www.facebook.com/groups/10588896091/ which sort of took over the page, so I decided to create a page so that we can show off our Pimping!

Now with over 250 members we have gone from strength to strength and Adults are pimping their own and Parents are pimping their kids Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants!

Ni has created a brilliant video to showcase just a few of the pimping so far!

I hope you love what some have created so far!

If you would like to find out more about being a Deaf Teen then i highly recommend following Ni’s Blog over at http://nigallant.blogspot.co.uk/